A Walk To Remember


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The Lighthouse Beams Book Two with Author’s signature

Kathleen Kelly, an out-of-town journalist stood at the intersection of a small resort town. She was on assignment from her editor in Wichita, Kansas to record the historical romance moments of the lighthouse known as the “1-4-3 I Love You” light, which had been awarded in the National Register of Historical Places.

She observed a man exit the bookstore wearing a tailored button-down shirt and collar. He noticed Kathleen and walked across the street. “Hello, I’m Henry Walsh. Are you a tourist in need of direction?” She handed him her business card, “I’m in town to interview residents. “Kathleen, artistic card. Do I call you Kathleen or Kathy?” “I prefer Kathleen.” He escorted her to a nearby park bench. “I’m a lifelong resident and confirmed bachelor living with my tabby cat.” “I’m from Wichita, Kansas, here for a week to write a story about “forever love,” if there is such a thing.” Both felt an unfamiliar inner connection. “I like the way my name sounds when he says, Kathleen,” she thought.

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