The Heirloom Ring



The Lighthouse Beams – Book One – The Heirloom Ring

A heartwarming love story will transport you to a captivating, and sexy romance. Sara Sterling left a life of privilege and moved to a small lighthouse town.

She learns and excels in advertising to local businesses. Her first corporate client is Russell Morrison, owner of a garden and landscaping business. Sara is close to her parents and visits them often. As time goes by and the increase in clients, she discovers what her heart knew all along. She is attracted to Russell, and he is to her.  How do they bridge the gap between business and romance? An old-fashioned courtship is embraced by both, which ultimately sets the stage for engagement. Russell presents Sara with a magnificent, handcrafted heirloom ring. What happens next could not be predicted. It seems like the end but is just the beginning.

Memorable, emotional, and gripping with revelations of secrets they both had harbored bring heartache, separation, and a page-turning heart-thumping river rescue. How did the paranormal lighthouse beam follow only one vessel? Did it have something to do with the paranormal Heirloom Ring that Sara still wears? Guests of the Inn were captivated as they watched the beam cease its normal scan and focus solely on the troubled vessel in danger and headed for certain death. Impossible as it seemed, the lighthouse beam locked on and followed the vessel to guide the Inn Keeper to his rescue. Who was the captain to make Sara nearly faint when brought up unconscious and laid on the table?

Sara cares for him in her home though he doesn’t remember her and what they meant to each other. Forgiveness and Second Chance arrive at the reopening of the Wild Birds of Prey Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Center that Sara’s grandparents once operated. Heartwarming forever love story.

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